Here at Sunday Road we pride ourselves on walking the path, and in doing so we have made a lot of different quality brews throughout the last five years! Although this doesn’t reflect what’s pouring in the taproom it does show some epic things that have come out of the tanks! If you’re curious as to what’s pouring pop down to our brewery and try one of our 8 taps on for size!


Here at Sunday Road we don’t like to pick favourites, but these beers have muscled their way into our core range for good reason. These popular numbers are generally always in stock and our highest selling easiest drinking of the bunch. This range includes our Enigma XPA, Coast Track Lager, Blackwoods American Pale Ale, Over the Bridge Hazy Pale Ale, and Cryotherapy Hazy IPA. All of which boast a wide variety of flavours, and are all clad in a number of medals and trophies from various beer awards. Cryotherapy specifically, taking home the trophy for best IPA in the AIBA's! Fit for a seasoned beer drinker who appreciates a classically done beer, or as a welcome into the craft world; we guarantee one if not all these beers will invigorate your senses!

Enigma XPA – 4.4%

Grab your friends, pack your gear and choose your adventure. Enigma is our extra pale ale loaded with flavour and tropical fruit aromas from fresh Tasmanian Enigma hops! Brewed and canned at your local in Kirrawee!

Coast Track Lager – 4.7%

Here at Sunday Road we are all for embracing your backyard and taking a good beer on the adventure it deserves, because what is better than drinking and epic beer with an amazing backdrop? We named this beer with our local Coast Track hike in mind. This is a 26km hike stretching across the Royal National Park; of which is packed with swim spots, clifftop lookouts and native flora and fauna. Load some in your pack and enjoy the reward.

Blackwoods American Pale Ale – 5.2%

Blackwoods Beach is hidden gem and local favourite. Like the beach, our pale ale is worth seeking out. It’s all about the ingredients. Using heritage malts and multiple additions of American hops throughout the brew. A strong malt backbone, zesty citrus notes through the body, and a hoppy finish this beer is a treasure!

Over the Bridge Hazy Pale Ale- 4.5%

If the eye catching soft glowing haze doesn’t draw you in, the hoppy aromas will. Although low in bitterness, the body on this one does not quit: the NZ hop blend creates a fresh full-bodied flavour with mango punch, and lingering passionfruit. At only 4.5% your tastebuds will be confused and delighted at just how much this juicy banger packs; enough even to take you over the bridge and far away.

Cryotherapy Hazy IPA -6.1%

Cryotherapy Hazy IPA is our latest and greatest Hazy that will treat your tastebuds to Cryogenic Lupulin powder from whole hop flowers. Mango, passionfruit and tropical fruit aromas combine with lucious mouthfeel that perfectly compliments it’s big hoppy flavours and low bitterness. Juicy, smooth and pure hop heaven. Think of it as Cryotherapy for the soul. (Not to mention this big bad Hazy took home the trophy for best IPA at the AIBA’s! – now that is something to drink to!)


Beyond our beloved core range, we have our seasonal range: these are beers we brew a couple times a year, but won't always be in stock - rather a nice surprise when they're back. These beers include our Sunseeker Red IPA, Coffee Lager, Vienna Lager, and 6FTand Offshore IPA. These beers have a cult following of their own, and are wildly popular in their own right.

Coffee Lager – 5%

We have teamed up with the crew @ White Horse Coffee who supplied us with the delicious cold drip coffee. We added then took that and added it to our famous Vienna Lager. The result? A bold coffee nose, creamy mouthfeel yet a crisp lager finish. You get plenty of well-balanced coffee, chocolate and caramel layers, keeping you coming back for more!

Vienna Lager – 5.4%

In walks Vienna: Our amber colored number, boasting a smooth malty body and a slight nutty & fresh-baked-bread flavour. Noble German hops come through providing a balanced bitterness and subtle spicy herbal aroma. Yet, she retains her lager profile nicely, finishing crisp and dry.

Sunseeker Red IPA – 7.1%

Our ruby red IPA is bursting with grapefruit and citrus from three generous dry hop additions of Amarillo Galaxy and Falconers Flight. Specialty malts and malted oats combined give a decadent mouthfeel and a creamy off-white head. Decently bitter, rich in hop character and dangerously drinkable. You will be seeking more than just the sun after drinking one of these.

6FT and Offshore- 6.2%

Lookout! Here she comes, big, bad, blue and ready for you! 6Ft and offshore is our zippy little West Coast IPA – a deadly mix of flavourful and refreshing. Candied orange characters present throughout this bright, mandarin colored hoppy brew. The sweet malt is balanced with resinous hops – carrying pine across the palate. Let the undercurrents pull you in to ride the 6ft wave of frothy goodness.


Lastly, we have our limited release range. This range, we experiment more with higher ABV's, hoppier additions, and more eccentric styles - for the real craft beer lovers. You will find these different to our Core and Seasonal lines, in that that are in bigger cans, and don’t have our Sunday signature green wrap. We release one limited edition a month, in a limited quantity, until supplies last - which is generally not very long!! Wrap your lips around one of these cans’ they will knock your socks off!

Moon Rocks - 6.6%

January 2022 Limited Release

We set our new year’s resolutions high and hazy with this succulent single hop bomb. At first glance this light yellow, soft bodied hazy welcomes you with open arms. Moon Rocks boasts a big nose, with an array of layered flavours coming in on the palate. We chose Mosaic hops as they are beautifully complex in their own right and doubled down in a big way using a trio of the latest and greatest in hop innovation: Incognito, Lupomax and Spectrum formats to maximize the intensity. Finishing with hoppy clean flavours of mango, pine, citrus and herb, rounded out with a welcome bitterness – here’s to 2022 everyone!

Summer Samba – 5.2%

December 2021 double Limited Release

It’s the time you have all been waiting for: a Sunday Road sour! What better time to drink this refreshing brew then under the hot Australian sun! Let the sounds of Summer Samba dance around your ears, while waves of raspberry, bursts of boysenberry and hints of vanilla take your tastebuds on a waltz of their own.

Beneath the Palms - 6.4%

December 2021 double Limited Release

You’ve been amongst the clouds, you’ve let the distant sun beam down on you, now let tis tropical fruit storm transport you to faraway places beneath the palms. We have brewed a big hazy and packed it with ripe, juicy Australian mangoes, Bru-1, HS Sitiva hops, and a generous helping of rolled oats to create this smooth full bodied tropical number. Beneath the Palms will leave you thinking a coconut fell on your head and knocked you into dreamland.

Sweet Escape - 6.8%

November 2021 Limited Release

What is a cold IPA you ask? Think of it as a light malt canvas painted with hops. Sweet Escape is made with a low sulfur Lager yeast that’s fermented cooler than an ale yeast – yet warmer than a lager yeast traditionally would be. It’s then hit with a hop bill of Ekuanot, Amarillo and Idaho7 to give that hop burst style. This, rewarding you with a strong aromatic hop intensity, mild bitterness, and a crisp clean finish – which will undoubtedly have you reaching for that second sip! Go on, let your tastebuds find that Sweet Escape they’re longing for.

LGA IPA - 6.6%

October 2021 Limited release

We are all about embracing our surroundings. Although we can’t embrace much more than the confines of our LGA’s, it’s not all bad! Become your local guide, strive for great lengths with stellar drinks and walk paths you wouldn’t otherwise. Take this can of haze that’s been double dry-hopped with the new hop blend Cryo-pop along with Bru-1 and set off on your daily walk and explore your backyard. What better time than now? Drink it in.

Skinny Dip - 7.2%

September 2021 Limited Release

Skinny Dipping = Freedom. We’ve taken inspiration from this most basic of pleasures and jumped right into a new technique to fill you up with hoppy goodness. In this West Coast IPA we’ve used a technique called dip-hopping that adds and additional stage between the whirlpool and the conventional dry-hop addition. We’ve done this to keep myrcene levels low and let the best part of the hops shine through. What’re you still doing reading this? Jump in!

Some Velvet Morning – 6.4%

July 2021 Limited Release

Some Velvet Morning is a decadent stout with a luxurious flavour profile. Brewed with a sprinkle of lactose, a heaping amount of malted and golden naked oats, and a carefully curated blend of roasted malts. This smooth and creamy, modern, and oh so delicious brew will have you wrapped up in its velvet arms. Let the rich waves, and dark chocolate notes cascade through into the first hint of the morning.

Vacation Rental - 6.8%

June 2021 Limited Release

What’s a cold IPA you ask? Think of it as a beer with a very light malt base that is a canvas for hops. Cold IPA hits with a strong punch of aromatic hop intensity and decent bitterness yet finishes crisp and clean leaving you wanting another sip. A lager yeast is used that is low in ester and sulfur that is fermented warmer than it traditionally would be, yet cooler than an ale yeast. We’ve doubled down on the cold and used only Cryo hops In the ‘hop burst’ style. Double dry hopped using cryo Ekuanot, Sabro and Amarillo – embrace the cold.

Amongst the Clouds- 6.6%

April 2021 Limited Release

You could be reading this sat on top of a mountain, sweaty after a tough MTB climb or a long hike to the peak. And now as you sit looking down at the world, take in the moment as you crack open a well-earned beer. IF you’re not on a mountain and in your uggs and tracky dacks, don’t worry, take a sip and feel like you are amongst the clouds. Triple dry-hopped using galaxy strata and Amarillo tropical expression, this smooth juicy beer will leave you floating!

Dust From a Distant Sun- 7%

March 2021 Limited Release

That silky first sip offers hope of a world open to travel. Open to being able to jump the ditch and say ‘Chur’ to our Kiwi cousins. One day, hopefully soon! This smooth Oat Cream IPA is made with a perfect mix of Kiwi and Aussie hops, boldly balanced, and silky smooth. Enjoy Dust right to the bottom of the glass, it will have you saying ‘How good is living down under’?

Bigger Enigma - 8.6%

February 2021 Limited Release

Happy 5th Birthday to us! Five years goes down quick when you’ve got your head in a tank, triple dry-hopping, tasting, canning, kegging, creating and serving up the best beers. We’re proud of our brewery and what you’ve helped us achieve. We hope you’ve enjoyed walking the path with us so far. For this birthday beer, we’ve made a special bigger and bolder version of our ever-popular Enigma XPA. Mick has double dry- hopped it with falconers flight and galaxy hops to produce the veritable beast that awaits you. Sit back, enjoy, and then whisper ‘Happy birthday – you legends’